Footfall Analytics for Business Intelligence

Every business operates in the context of physical space. As a business leader, you want to understand how your customers, employees and other stakeholders behave and interact in this space.

Retailers want to understand the routes taken, and the buying behaviour of shoppers. Hospitals want to track doctors and staff, patients and equipment. Even in office buildings, management executives can gain access to hidden insights by understanding staff movement and behavior.

While YPS™ helps people navigate large buildings; we also help businesses track these movements. Our YFind Footfall Analytics™ (YFA™) Dashboard and Reports provide you with real-time data on people movements.

This gives you an accurate reading of customer demographics and footfall. And with this data, business leaders can increase business growth by optimizing elements such as store layout, staff scheduling and product placements.

With YFA™, you can accurately track and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, user engagement, store and office layouts, and returns on rental and marketing expenses. And this enables you to make business and marketing decisions quickly and effectively.

Imagine if airports can direct travellers to the right gates, facilities and retail outlets based on traffic flow and density. And if museum curators can measure the popularity of each exhibit so that they can better optimise the display and layout.

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