Business Application

As a business, you’re interested in three things:

  • Delivering Highly-relevent, Geo-targeted Advertising
  • Understanding Customer Buying Behaviour
  • Improving the Customer Experience

With accurate indoor positioning and tracking with YPS™, you can now create the right indoor contexts for marketing campaigns, develop comprehensive footfall analysis and provide varied forms of digital concierge services to customers.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Intelligent Indoor Positioning
Through the integration of YFind’s YPS™ with mobile apps, we are able to provide the following four main services through the app, namely way finding, location-based advertising, social networking and footfall analytics.

Indoor Positioning with YPS™ - for Customer Engagement and Staff Management
For example, airports can utilize YPS™ for real-time crowd control, provide location-based information to travelers and of course way finding services within the huge passenger terminals.

Museum curators will be able to track which are the most visited exhibits and the average time spent at each exhibit, thus providing them with invaluable information on how to optimize the layout of the exhibits.

Museums can also replace the current bulky audio sets with tablets for a true digital concierge with multimedia capabilities that can guide visitors through the museum.

For businesses where the tracking of key staff members and equipment is important, such as in hospitals and large offices, indoor positioning can also be utilized to streamline operations and improve efficiency.